Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice Caves on Mount Rainier

Ice Cave photo (1968) by Charlie Anderson Jr.
When I was growing up, we often hiked in the Cascade Mountains just a few hours from home. On the slopes of Mount Rainier were ice caves that we could climb into and marvel at the immense range of colors. Unfortunately, the ice caves have now melted so that any that are left aren’t safe to hike into. Luckily there are photos, like this one by Charlie Anderson Jr., that can give you a hint as to the beauty and magnificence of these vanished treasures. I created Blue Ice bead soup in memory of those beautiful mountain gems.

Blue Ice Bead Soup and Gem Soup

Even though Blue Ice is a 'monochromatic' mix, there are numerous shades of blue from green-blue through violet-blue. Blue-black beads represent the dark shadows and bright blue, white and silver beads catch light and act as highlights mimicking the sun as it filters through the ice. Note also that shiny, dull and irridescent beads all used together give depth and intrigue to the entire mix. Don't be shy about including many different beads together in your bead soup - the more variety, the more pizazz!

Wanderlust Bracelet in Blue Ice

Bead Soups and Freeform Beadweaving go hand-in-hand and this Wanderlust Bracelet was pure fun to make!

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  1. that's spectacular. i just wandered into your blog and it's lovely. the pics showing your color inspirations are fascinating.