Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing with Encaustic

'Underwater Coral' - Encaustic on Clayboard 12"x16"

My editor, Julie Hollyday, and book photographer, Christine Polomsky, loaded me up with a stack of books during my photo shoot last week. All of North Light Books are gorgeous and fun to pour through, however I became obsessed with Patricia Seggebruch's book on Encaustic Painting. My excuse is that I needed a tiny break from beads and besides my bead supplies aren't home yet... but the reality is that I am hooked! I've taken over Jerry's workshop and waxed over every scrap of plywood I can find.

'Dreamer' - Collage and Encaustic on Plywood 15"x13.5"x3/4"

Of course, I can't ever be too far away from beads and some of them ended up in the wax!

Here is a set of 3 little ones with HOT colors! Pretty cool, huh?

'Fire Trio' - Encaustic on Clayboard 4"x6" each


  1. Beverly, those are beautiful! I love all your bright colors.

  2. Beverly,

    What is encaustic? Did you do the "Dreamer", the house, and the "Trio"? They are fantastic. I assume that encaustic is a technique done with wax, and other medium like paper(collage)??


  3. Encaustic is 'Painting with Wax'. Traditionally beeswax, but also with added Damar Resin and pigments. Patricia's book is a fabulous resource.

    Most of my pieces were made with wax + Damar and pigment. 'The Dreamer' was made with an under-layment of collage, then oil paints and wax. Her face is scratched into the wax with oil paint rubbed into the indentation.