Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few days left to win!

Samples from my Bead Soup Collection and Fiber Bouquets

Order Beaded Colorways from my website by December 21 and your name will be entered to win a big package of color!

Look for the drawing on December 21!


  1. book came today. I only had a chance to glimpse at it...BUT FAB! I can't wait to get a cup of coffee, a Christmas cookie & really get deep into the book. The pictures are great. More later...just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Beverly - I attempted to order the book using my credit card, but it wants to default to my PayPal account, which I don't want to use for this. Is there any way around that glitch?
    I hope you read this and let me know in time so I can be entered!

  3. thank you for your comment on my son beverly - boys are just amazing aren't they?
    i told my mailman yesterday if he shows up without my package today - no fudge. :)
    i'm more excited about your book than i am about xmas!!

  4. Hi there! Dot (flyingbeader) mentioned your bead mixes on my blog and I realized it had been a while since I visited. I also saw on facebook that we might have had the same editor at F&W, very cool! Your book looks fabulous and how wonderful that it is out for the holidays!! Congratulations! I can't wait to see it in real life!

  5. I love the colors you pick for your jewelry! Beautiful jewel tones.