Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you

for all of your e-mails and wonderful praise of my book. Your words fill my heart!

And those of you who took the time to comment on Amazon - how can I thank you enough for telling me (and the whole world!) that you are drawing inspiration from my work? Your words mean so much more than you could ever know!

Thank you, thank you, thank you dear readers -
you make me feel all warm and tingly inside!

And for all of you who pre-ordered from my website - and therefore entered your name to win a package full of color...

I have had so much fun filling a cute box with bead soups and fiber bundles
and I wish I could send all of you a big present full of beads and fibers and color... however, I had to pick one. So I mixed all of your names together and drew...

Lisa Choplo
Congratulations Lisa!!


  1. Your book is a feast for the eyes! I received it on Friday, and despite a very busy day, I stopped everything to look at it. I especially love the beads on metal pendant in the back. I hosted a big Holiday Party that night and showed it to my friend Tracy Messineo. She was thrilled to see it and knows her mom will just love it for Christmas. I'm leaving today on the auto-train to Virginia (where they've just had a blizzard -- yay! There will be snow on the ground when we arrive!) and I'm bringing it to read on the train. It may drive me crazy though, because I won't have my beads with me to get started! Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Beverly Congratulations with your book! As far as I can see it looks fab. You know I don't have the patiance for beading but I'm proud you did achieve so much. Talk soon my friend.

  3. I have definitely been away too long. Congratulations on your book - even the cover is a visual feast! What excitement, and another way to realize your dreams. Just in time for Christmas!

  4. I received my copy in the mail yesterday. But since I'm not expecting Santa to leave me anything under the tree this year, I will be opening the package Christmas morning. Can't wait!

  5. OMG, your book made a fantastic gift - gave it to my sister and fellow beader, she loved it and I had a hard time parting with it. But now I have another dilemma - I won the drawing, thank you so much, it arrived today. The soups are gorgeous amazing combinations and blends of color, that I never would have considered combining. Now do I keep it all or is it part of my gift to my sister? : )

    Another point to ponder - why is it I can remember in fine detail your necklace I saw displayed in the Bead Dreams exhibit in Milwaukee two years back or so, but I can't remember my lunch when I leave for work in the morning or all my computer passwords?

  6. Me again, forgot to sign off on the above comment,
    Thanks again,
    Best Regards,

  7. Oh. My. I'm SOOOOO excited. I just picked up my copy of your book in the mail today and I cannot wait to try out the ideas. I found the seed bead shop here in Hong Kong and it will take a lot of willpower to be reasonable about indulging. I'm loving your color inspiration and mixing of bead soups. I wish I was still able to do my many ideas in my head...but I'll try polymer clay and whatever else I can get my hands on. I plan to blog about your fabulous book and will also post the review on Amazon. Thanks SOOO much!