Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm Humbled and Inspired

Sunrise in Gig Harbor, Washington (off my parent's deck!) 11/08

I am humbled by all of your comments and inspired by the art that you create. Thank you for making me feel so warm and fuzzy! When I posted my ‘give away’ I was expecting a total of 5 to 10 comments - more on the lines of: “I want beads, I want beads. Pick me, pick me!” (and that from my editor, Tonia who already has a begillion of my soups - thanks for the giggle Tonia!) and have been overwhelmed and carried away by such a huge response and all of your kind words both on my blog and via e-mail from my web site – some comments brought tears to my eyes, others made me laugh.

We all need affirmation from time to time, don’t we? So this post is about all of you – take a moment to click on the other people who commented or are following my blog and see what they are up to. You will be amazed. And inspired as I am by the creativity and talent out there in the world!

For instance, 'Dance of a Painted Lady' has inspired me this week - to focus on shape. Take a peek at Kendalee's photographic mosaics and notice her repetitive use of diamonds from the leaded glass in the church window to the tree branches and broken rocks at the base of the wall.

Hmmm, shape - pretty novel for a color girl! So I went for a walk yesterday (with my dear friend Joie) armed with my new camera. Then came home, cropped madly and took a baby step towards learning Kendalee's art form – what a blast! Here is what I came up with:

'A walk in Fremont' 3/5/09

Speaking of Kendalee - she posted a question to herself yesterday:
"I've been wondering recently about whether I'm naturally more inclined to radiate or to reflect"

She mused:
"Not everyone is designed to be the source of powerful illumination, lighting the way clearly for themselves and those who are drawn to their radiance. But reflecting is a good way to spread light too, isn't it? Perhaps with a softer, subtler glow, which sometimes has to be looked for more carefully to be noticed, but is still beautiful and inspirational in its own way."

I think we all reflect and radiate – we may just not realize it. We influence and are influenced by each person we come in contact with – sometimes in obvious ways as from a teacher, a parent, a big, sparkling personality; and at other times in ways that are so subtle it’s hard to put a finger on what we have taken away from our experience with another, but we know we are a better person for it.

I think about how many times someone has sparked my flame, or made me feel good, or contributed to my growth as an artist, a person a mother. But do I tell them? Most of the time – no. It doesn’t occur to me to do so. I become focused on my own life and projects and forget how important it is to let others know their radiance. Good thoughts, good words from others help release the flame in each of us. So thank you – I have grown this week under the glow of your words.

And now I encourage you to click on at least 5 names amongst my special readers and followers and list of blogs I follow - if they have a website or blog take a peek at their work. While you are feasting your eyes, being inspired and feeling renewed, leave some wonderful comments along the way. You will light up their day and help the artist in each to glow and radiate.

Now that I’ve made you read to the bottom (hee hee) to find out who won the bead soup 'give away', may I have a drum roll please?...

My son randomly chose a number ("But why? Mom") and the winner is Linda Stokes! Since she is also a 'follower' of my blog – she gets to choose 2 bead soups from my bead soup collection. Linda, please contact me to tell me which soups you would like and your address!

I wish I could send out soups to all of you in thanks for how wonderful you have made me feel. So...
... stay tuned, I’ll do it again!

A special thank you to Cyndi Lavin who did a wonderful Artist Profile of me in Jewelry & Beading this week!

And I've been given some homework! Lisa Reese has asked me to discuss 'texture' and how it pertains to color, color selections and it's use in my design work and bead soups. I will do so in future as well as more discussions of color and how to use color wheels.

'Lost in Green and Copper' 3/5/09

Now I'm hooked on making photo mosaics. These are (mostly) from my walk yesterday. No, there weren’t any beads on the sidewalk – I cheated just a little!

Oh, and Joie Moring refined the grids in my mosaics using Photoshop - you're simply 'mauve-olous' my friend!


  1. beverly, thanks so much for your kind words and for visiting my site!! thank you for for these inspirational words also!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Beverly. I am glad you did, so I could find yours.. Truly inspiring! Thanks also for sharing Kendalee's blog, it's very interesting.

  3. In answer to the question you left on my blog - nope, no weather event, yet. And you will know when it happens because I work in downtown Seattle & live in we are close!!

  4. I've been deep in your site and wishing I were in Kirkland watching you instead of at work. No snow yet & we usually get some in Shoreline - that convergence thing. But we are starting to see reroutes now on the east side.

  5. this was a wonderful entry
    and hope you get this post

    love the little collages
    so clever and interesting
    just like the radiate/reflect train of thought

  6. I like your photo pieces-good circle studies. Linda will make good use of your beads.

  7. Congratulations to Linda!

    Thank you for your lovely comments about my photographs and my blog in general Beverly. I LOVE your photo mosaics and you're so right about how we could do with acknowledging more those who touch and inspire us by sharing their creativity and so sparking ours. I am inspired on a daily basis by what I see and read in the blogosphere, including your beautiful beadwork, and I'm so delighted that we 'met' this way.

  8. Congratulations, Linda! Happy Beading!

    Very much enjoy the photo mosaic: the repetitive shapes & colors along with the composition of each and then, as a whole. I read your '"Value" of Texure' post before reading this one but I can already see that post reflected in this mosaic. You're opening my eyes in a way that "in your face" beading classes have not been able to do!

  9. Specially loved the way you wrote about how it made you feel to tell people how important they are for you. Every time you do this it sparkles up your life. Gives you a little bit of sunshine. Just as you will put in there's.
    You inspire me with everything you share on this blog. Thank you for that!

  10. Thank you Beverly! I'm thrilled to be the winner, I did reply to your website email address but you obviously didn't see it. Your contact link above didn't work. Let me know if you need me to resend my details.

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