Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work in Progress

Unfinished Project - Freeform Peyote and Netting

I am driven by color - nuances within a single hue, different colors blended together and how they vibrate when placed side by side. This is the main reason I was drawn to seed beads in the first place. They are a glorious medium for creating 3 dimensional color harmony.

Bead Soup Collection (clockwise from top) - Dark Chocolate, Paprika, Burnt Orange, Deep Teal, Grass is Always Greener

Most of my projects start out as piles of bead soups on my work table - so I can see how the colors play against each other. I consult my color wheel, move piles around, add and subtract until I come up with a starting point for my beadweaving.

And here is the other reason I love seed bead soups - they are meant for freeform work. Letting my right brain play, not really knowing where I will end up. Freeform work is faster and so much more fun for me than structured beadweaving. In some part because the piece ends up so different from where it started as if it is a living thing.

I started this project a year ago, but had to set it aside to write books and teach classes. This tadpole was as far as I got and it sat in the corner of my work table surrounded by bead soups. Where would it take me?

I suppose that if I would have completed this piece a year ago, it may have taken me in an entirely new direction. But when I picked it up again a few weeks ago, I decided to wrap the tail in on itself and keep building up the base.

I'm not sure how long this piece will be and need to fill in the chocolate brown, but I can always add on later.

I decided it was time to throw in the teal - a stunning complement to the oranges and reds in my base. I couldn't resist this turquoise doughnut, but it has since proven to be difficult to work with because of it's rigidity.

Lots more to build up!

I am still not finished, but the piece is starting to take shape. Who knows where it will lead me?
(and I need to invest in some camera lighting and various backgrounds for photographing this piece - the vibrancy is lost in the camera's attempt to even out the values - would love some advice!)


  1. Lovely work
    thanks for comment on pics, the last one you liked was as orange lily.
    have a great week

  2. Hi Beverly. I wanted to stop by and say thank you for your kind words on my blog. I appreciate them alot. I was looking at your bead soups and I love them! Especially the Dark Chocolate and Paprika! How can I get some???

  3. Hi,I have an award for you..hope u like it..

  4. A couple of ideas to try with your camera (you may have already tried this)...sample different hues of 'white' paper as your background; play with Flash On and Off, and changing your ISO settings; and because you live where you can't step outside without an umbrella for the perfect bright but overcast sky...invest in professional lighting. btw - if the colors are more vivid and complex than what you've posted....WOW!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the soup. I feel lucky!