Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beachcombing - Featuring Student Work

Beads, seaglass, shells
Add a group of creative souls
and beautiful art and friendships are made!

Made by:
Adrienne Goodenough at
Art & Soul Portland 2007

'Tide Pool Treasures' (see this in 2009 Convergence!)
Made by:
Judy Carlson (lampwork and beach glass toggles) and Cynthia Lohry (beadweaving)
Bead & Button Show 2008

With Gina at Art & Soul in Portland, 2008
(I'm the one with my eyes nearly closed)

Many of the sea treasures seen in the student work above were sent to me by two former students who have become my friends and fellow beachcombers. They walk beaches from Prince Edward Island to Texas and send me their treasures to share with other students: Jacqueline Talarico and Marcy McKenzie - so many thanks!

I will be teaching the Beachcomber workshop in the upcoming venues:

May 4, in Hampton VA at the
Art & Soul Retreat

June 5, in Milwaukee, WI at the
Bead & Button Show


  1. Oh gosh, I'm stuned with so much creativity! Go girls. I'll plan my next visit to you Beverly when you have classes. And I will stay untill I've created some thing like above. I'm jealous. Enjoy your new made friendships.

  2. What fun to see my pieces on your blog. A lot of nice pieces turned out from your inspiration.

  3. Some of those examples are just awesome! Of course Tide Pool Treasures, and I like Pat Wiley's. Thanks for posting mine.

  4. These are unlike anything I've seen! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing these treasures.

  5. Wow. Just wow Beverly! I don't even know how to say how beautiful I find these... There's some incredible creativity out there. How lovely that you get to both inspire and create things like this!

  6. these pieces are all too wonderful for words. i'm going to peel my eyes off my computer monitor now and get out on the beach with my baggies. you and your students have just justified every little beachie item i pick up and bring home. thank you!