Thursday, April 16, 2009

Get your Creative Juices Flowing!

Art & Soul Retreat is just around the corner!
April 30 through May 4
Hampton, Virginia

Art & Soul is an artistic haven, full of creative people - both students and teachers, fabulous classes in all kinds of media and a not-to-be-missed Vendor Night. I always take as many classes as I teach and come home full of ideas, inspiration and new friends from all over the world.

Here is a peek at the classes I will be teaching:

Beads on Metal
(Sunday, May 3)

Metalworking and bead weaving come together! Create colorful components with inspirations on the back using metalworking techniques, a bead soup and a sense of whimsy. Then join and embellish to create bracelets, earrings, perhaps a decorative touch on a purse or sweater? Your imagination is the limit!

Eye For Color
(Sunday evening, May 3)

Color surrounds us, influences us and evokes emotions - when we are surrounded by colors we love, we feel energized, creative, peaceful and happy. In this 3 hour crash course on color, you will explore color with a variety of mediums and learn to observe nuances of color, why variations in value and saturation add depth and intrigue and analyze why some color combinations are exciting while others seem flat. You will come away with new color combinations to try in your projects and feel confident enhancing the combinations you already know and love. Whether you are comfortable with your own sense of color or a little intimidated, you will learn techniques that you can apply in your creative projects and in your home and will come away with tools that will help you develop and enhance your own...

(Monday, May 4)

Bags bulge with treasures after a day at the beach. Transform these shells, sea glass, stones and other finds into extraordinary wearable / visual art with freeform techniques that will inspire you to comb the beaches! Learn how to encase and interconnect shells, sea glass, stones and other pieces to create flowing, organic works of art.

I hope you get the bug, feel spontaneous (like I was for ArtFest!), treat yourself to an amazing few days and come join me!

As an aside, here is a beach fort my kids made on my mom's beach Easter weekend. I gathered sea glass (for my classes!), my mom and husband gathered wood and my sons built...

Easter morning was foggy and dripping. I was up at 4:00 am to write and as day emerged, I couldn't help gazing outside at my mom's incredible view - even in the rain...

Being exhausted and a little dazed, this popped into my head...

Morning mist
Silouette of trees
Damp Earth
Hint of breeze

Waking early
Gazing out
Wondering what
The day is about

Camera in hand
Coffee mug steaming
Should be writing
Instead of dreaming

The day will come soon
So much to do
Happy to sit
And ponder a few

Yes, yes, silly I know! I promise - nothing so trite in my book...

Thanks to all of you who sent wonderful vibes from around the globe - I met my deadline! I finished my manuscript, I consumed lots of chocolate, I am catching up on my sleep, I'm watching lots of soccer games...
...and gearing up for Art & Soul!


  1. wow, art & soul retreat sounds like heaven - i would love to be able to come take your color class. i'm in awe at how you blend & flow your colours with your beads...just beautiful. i can't wait for your new book, congrats on finishing it, don't you love that great feeling of being DONE :)

  2. Great post - a bit of everything - I really enjoy following your blog - so glad I found you!
    Kristin :)

  3. Hi dear friend,
    I'm glad things are finaly done for you. That means for just now. Love your poem, it's not silly. I totaly could feel what your state of mind was. Even could picture your mom's beach. Now the thing is to keep away from the chocolat, I'm not sure if I can make it to shop with you like the last time we did. And the other is to enjoy as much as you can at the art festival.
    Say hi to you mom and the guys from me. XXX

  4. Hello, Beverly,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment about my BJP March doll. I am very glad you came to visit my blog, because that's how I found yours. The projects you are showing are simply gorgeous. I will bookmark your blog and be a frequent visitor. What a pity I don't live near enough to take your classes!

    See you,

  5. Hi Beverly
    Thanks for dropping by, great to hear from you.
    Have a great time at Art and Soul, could do with an instant transporter to be able to join you it sound fabulous.
    lovely photos!!

  6. Sounds like my kind of retreat, Beverly - but it's a long way to get there from Australia!

  7. I really like your poem and am impressed that you could think in rhyme at that time in the morning! And what a cool beach fort your boys built - LOVE it!

    Wish I could join you at Art&Soul it looks like it's going to be amazing but, another time... Hope the prep's going well.