Friday, April 10, 2009

Shadows and Reflections

Wandering around Ft. Warden with my family.

I'm writing every waking moment, so many details. Ask me a couple of years ago I never would have believed I would write a book. Or two. So much has happened in such a short time. So many new paths.

I awoke this morning
and wondering what is around
the next corner


  1. Great shadows and how wonderful to notice them.

  2. The shadow moments seem to capture movement and the reflections stillness... I love that!

    Isn't it lovely to contemplate what's around the corner? I'm so inspired by the fact that you have written several books even though you never imagined you would. What an amazing achievement! Can't wait to see where the next one (or three) take you... Although perhaps a short rest after this one first?! ;o)

  3. Hey Beverly:)
    I'm writing to share a couple of things. First, wonderful photos as usual:) I see I am behind on your blog and I need to catch up! Mom's coming in 2 weeks so we're on house cleaning duty. The second is to tell you a cute mom story. When I first found your site I immediately forwarded a link to my mom because I knew she would love everything about your work -- which of course she did and then sent your page on to at least one of her friends. She saw my blog post about doing your color exercises. I told her that I can't wait to do more of those magazine collages but that I can't rip up the pieces because it hurts my hands (carpal tunnel). Her response was, "Well I know what I'll be doing for vacation." LOL.. and if I have anything to say about it, she's right!

  4. Wonderful capture of the shadows and reflections. I see some interesting paintings in these photos!

    We can never imagine what life has in store for us... we have to be prepared to go with the flow. I used to pooh-pooh blogging as a waste of time... now I'm having such fun with it and have connected with so many delightful people.

  5. Hee sweetie, Oh all that work. But you're doing fine. Love the pics. I'll bet the kids had fun acting funny for your compositions. I can even hear them laugh. Love love love the colors. Specially the one from the old window.
    Hang in there, and you know your dad is guiding you with every single book (yet to come). Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Beverly, I've been over here a few times now, and haven't known what to say, I mean, there's so much (!) here! The bead work is just incredible, the photos, intriguing, and the color exercises, fantastic!! (I may ask to borrow some form of them for my students). So glad to have come over, and I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

  7. Very moving compositions, Beverly!

    Regards and Happy Easter!

  8. All your Artfest pics are just magic! How lovely that your family got to come along and share those sunny days with you.

  9. Very cool. Love the one with the Canada geese.

    I too enjoy blogging and all the friends I've made. And I agree with your comment..."wondering what is around the next corner"....exciting, isn't it?

  10. Nice photography, loved the shadows...reminds me of my 'skinny' window reflections. I have an old house with curved windows, if you look at yourself from the outside of the curve you become really really tall and really thin. When I want to know that that looks like I just go outside, lol. Perhaps I will try to capture a picture someday.

    Good luck with the writing.

  11. Those shadow images reminds me of camp fire magic, of Greek Theatre.

  12. the colour of the window frame caught my eye.

  13. Whatever is 'round that corner...
    you will greet with an inquisitive mind, passion, integrity.
    And your keen eye for color, light and nuance of texture,
    and your taste for good wine and fabulous chocolate
    will fill your sail to take you... anywhere you choose to go.