Thursday, May 14, 2009

Friday night at the movies

My husband makes pizza every Friday night, we rent a family movie then all gather in the barn for 'Friday Night at the Movies'. Every now and then we invite kids from the neighborhood - they watch a kid movie, while the parents talk, drink wine, play games...

A few months ago I found out I was allergic to dairy, and once I cut it from my diet so many chronic, 'we can't do anything about it' problems went away. But oh do I miss cheese. Blue, Emmentalier, Brie, Aged Cheddar, an endless list and yes, Mozzarella... on pizza.

Here was last week's fabulous no-cheese creation!


  1. A double bonus, a hubby who cooks and bakes yummy pizza!

  2. Sounds so wholesome! Having the neighbours and kids over, movies and are very fortunate. I think the allergy to dairy has become a significant problem. It sure is a major contributor to cholesterol, so eliminating cheese is a good thing.
    I am amazed at your beautiful bead work !

    bless you,

  3. Hey you, don't worry I'll eat the cheese for you okay, than you can have my olives. ;-) Next time I want some of that pizza when I'm around couse it looks fab. Oh and you might show the barn, it's so beautiful but not everybody might now what you mean by going to watch a movie there, hihi. I'm gladd I know it. Looking forward to sit there again with all of you.

  4. i do love my cheese, but i have to admit that even with no cheese, that looks fab!

  5. Yummy pizza! I'd miss eating cheese too if I couldn't.
    beautiful flower pics too.

  6. I have problems with dairy too but can eat the hard cheeses. I've read that they don't have lactose. Also, there is a over the counter pill that I take when I'm not sure if there is dairy in things which makes life much simplier.

  7. Beautiful work Beverly! Thank you for posting on my blog :)! I'm thinking Pesto Pizza tonight.
    Happy Creating!

  8. Yummy! I love cheese and imagine it's quite hard to cut out completely but if it makes you feel all round better, then worth it. And that pizza looks DELICIOUS!

    I love the idea of a family movie night. Friday's are usually movie night for me too. Sadly sans lovely homemade pizza but I usually treat myself to something like a slab of chocolate, which is just as healthy? ;)

  9. Hi Beverly,
    That pizza looks fantastic! Our family has perfected the pizza on the grill family night. We buy bags of pizza dough from the grocery store, prep all the toppings, then everyone gets to shape their dough and custom top it. Yummy!