Friday, May 8, 2009

Stretching at Art & Soul

Teaching and learning
Stretching my creative wings
Flying higher with each step

A quick, rough painting of a flower appears deeper and more complex under mica

Class from Daniel Essig - book binding guru, soft spoken, easy grin

'Little Book of Remodeling' (everyone did faces but I broke out of the mold...) class from Misty Mawn - calm, twinkling eyes, soothing music, deep soul, beautiful inside and out

Photoshop Elements class (being the radical - I worked with full fledged Photoshop downloaded on the airplane!) from Kathyanne White - high energy, multi-talented, magnetic personality

The background is a repetitive pattern from a sample of bricks, recolored, with added special effects and warping. I layered with highly manipulated poppies - oh so much fun!

Still playing with poppies and backgrounds and texture and color and warping and...

Kathyanne and I had side-by-side booths at Vendor Night and I couldn't resist buying these colorful, funky pouches filled with handpainted / printed papers - she is a truly creative master (check out her website!)


  1. wow! you are one very talented lady! i'm trying to teach myself how to paint. would appreciate if you can let me know any good websites.

  2. Oh Beverly, these are great! I LOVE your paintings of buildings... tried to pick a favourite but honestly couldn't. Each one is gorgeous. And who knew that Photoshop could do that with photographs?! I have Elements on my macbook (which I inherited) but have never played with it. I tend to just crop my pictures into a square in iPhoto and go with that... I think I'm going to explore... it looks like fun! Also love your new pouches. What delicious texture. Art and Soul indeed!!!

    p.s. the book I've just started reading is set in Puget Sound! You've probably walked on the very same beaches... How cool is that?

  3. is art and soul in portland?
    do you ever do the calligraphy one in edmonds? - I've forgotten the name of it .....

    I really love the sunflower under the mica

  4. The Little Book of Remodeling is wonderful! I really love it and it's so great that you broke out of the mold.

  5. I love coming here and looking at all these wonderfully tactile things you post. I LOVE the flower under mica. I've always loved covering/burying things (like layers and layers of wax over an image). And those building are great too...they have such character.

  6. Sounds like you had good classes.

  7. Gosh as I told you before, is there anything you can't do? Next time I'm in your house, I'm not only gonna pack my backpack with my onw stuff. But I'm seriously thinking of packing some of your creativity too. How fun would it be doing stuff like this togheter, if only we had more time. Love and miss you.

  8. Gosh, I always love reading about someones art journey. Love all that you did and your Little book is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You inspire me to keep stretching myself, to keep learning, to keep trying new and different forms of art.

    Your houses are my favourite in this post!

  10. Wow! what a fantastic lot of art you've created. Must have been a great retreat. I love the houses too.
    Thanks for your comment on my papers, I transferred some to fabric today, will post some pics laer in the week.

  11. ...everything you make is so full of life. i love the use of mica - wouldn't underwater creatures look great done up like that? the book binding had to be awesome, i've stared at that photo a good 20 minutes does that new goal is to attend Art & Soul...

  12. LOVE your house book! I didn't realize you took classes when you go to teach! You certainly do/did maximize your time! So cool!