Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A single red rose

I breathe in it's perfume
and marvel at the power it holds
to make me smile
and think fondly of it's giver

This beautiful single rose was given to me by a very sweet, teeny 1st grader last week during Teacher Appreciation Week. I'm really not a teacher, just an art volunteer... but she thought of me none-the-less.

Yes, Dagmar - the ceramic poppy you made for me makes me smile every day!


  1. Oh how adorable that you got this from a little kid! It makes it even more beautiful.

  2. Children are wonderful...ah to see through their eyes more often. Your photographs are beautiful. Color week should be very easy for you!

  3. Your appreciation of the small and the insignificant is profound.

    I really appreciate the question and thoughtful comment that you left on my blog on Tuesday. I value comments that keep my thoughts in motion, that challenge my ideas.

    What do you think Buddhists would say?

    I received the quote in an email from a Professor who was my study leader whilst I was completing my MPhil in Entrepreneurship. We have maintained contact and we often challenge one another's philosophy's and ideas.

    My first thought was along the same lines as your own and then this thought came to me: Could truth and repose be juxtapositions because truth does not allow for true growth to ever end, it necessitates action,continual movement towards greater understanding? This does however not mean that peace and calm is not to be found in the motion of growing.

  4. How lovely of her to bring you something so beautiful and fragrant - what a treat! You obviously made an impression on her and with this sweet gesture she's made one on you, so you are now imprinted on each other's hearts.

  5. Hi dear friend. How wonderful you've put my poppy into this picture. When ever I look at mine, my thoughts are with you and Susan.
    And what a wonderful sweet spirit of a young girl to adore you. But that's because you are such a special lady. Hugs big time (still miss you lots these days of the month). Say hi to the guys and tickle them for me will you?

  6. Volunteers are teachers too. The rose looks like velvet.