Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Our bodies are built to walk 10 miles a day"

according to the bellman at the Hilton. And I did my share today! I strolled along the river walk 3 times today in between setting up my classroom for tomorrow - I'm sure I racked up over 10 miles and hopefully worked off all of the yummy food I ate.

It's Milwaukee's annual Downtown Dining Week - 40 of the city's restaurants offering 3-course lunch meals for $10 and 3-course gourmet dinners for $20. So for those of you in town for the Bead & Button Show, might I suggest...

Palms Bistro and Bar is in the heart of the Historic Third Ward district in a converted factory with very tall ceilings, local art hanging on the brick walls, and lots of window seating which spills out onto the street. I jotted down notes for my classes while I ate, and all the while took pictures of everything around me, including my food. I think the waitress and some of the other patrons at the Palms Bistro thought I was a food critic... note their poised smiles.

My 3 course lunch was a tomato basil mozzarella (sans the mozzarella) salad, Thai coleslaw with peanut sauce (which I can only eat when I am away from home because of my son's horribly serious allergy), 2 bite size Kobe beef burgers, and a freshly made, full-of-summer mixed berry sorbet - no dairy and so scrumptious. Better get walking.

Dinner was outside along the river at Water Buffalo (so named because it is at the corner of Water Street and Buffalo Street). Again tomatoes sounded good and their bruschetta is one of the best I've ever had - I order it every year and this time complemented it with some firey buffalo wings! 3 more miles.

Oooo - can you see how long and skinny my legs are already becoming? And that lump on my side is my camera bag - NOT a lopsided hip!

By the way, wandering in a city by yourself can be lonely, unless you have a camera. Dining by yourself can also be lonely, unless you have a good book! Luckily I had both! On my dinner trip, however, I forgot my book at the hotel, so popped into Borders and picked up one of the first books I happened upon - Proust was a Neuroscientist. All about the links between art and science of the brain... love his writing, witty and fascinating - I can't put it down.


  1. Thanks for taking me along at your beautiful trip. I'll be on your side constantly so You'll never be alone. Hugs me.

  2. My body obviously didn't get that 10 miles a day memo! :)

    Thank you for taking us along on your trip to Milwaukee - I've never been and I love seeing it through your eyes! Enjoy your Sunday...

  3. It sounds like such a fascinating city, full of fabulous finds. You're not alone - you have all of us! I would gladly join you for the fruit and sorbet - just give me a jingle:).

    And I did not get that memo,either. 10 miles? It would certainly do me good!

  4. 10 miles a DAY? Sounds like a lot.

  5. Yes whith camera in hand makes for a creative experience and so does a good book, always easier to do that with a book then just sit at a table alone, right. Lovely creations you have here and I decided to give you a follow.

  6. LOL That sounds like it was fun! I walked twice yesterday and brought my camera on one of the trips (had the dogs on the other) and I was glad I did. Got several nice shots.

    And people always look at me funny when I take pix of what I'm eating. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I think it's interesting to see what's on someone's plate :)

  7. Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Further to Chris's comment I never would've thought of taking a picture of the food I'm eating! And 10 miles a day...not my body!

  8. Eating, Walking, Working with Beads. That sounds like the life!!

  9. Hi Beverly-Hope Bead and Button was/is great for you! Wanna do Art & Soul Las Vegas Feb. 2010 as a student w/me?

  10. Look all the photos of your trip. Missing your post though. Hurry back.